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How to Find Twitter Handles From Your Email List

You will see many people speak about mailing lists as they are so important when it comes to running any sort of website. Email lists allow you to re target customers that have signed up in the past or people who have shown an interest that are much closer to purchasing or interacting than a brand new visitor.

With data becoming much more widely available it is possible to search and find social accounts however finding twitter handles based on emails is still very difficult.
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There are a number of paid tools out there that do let you do this however using this method you no longer need to pay, just a little bit of manual labour will provide the results you need. If you have a large email list this is a must, you can find people to advertise to, get in touch with and start new conversations with.

The following steps will andriol allow you to do this with minimal effort.
Step 1: Create a brand new Gmail address

This can be anything, it’s much easier to do this on a new account rather than an account you already use as the outcome would include random twitter handles.

Step 2: Add all methandienone cycli of the emails from the list into your contacts

After you have set up your new Gmail account you need to add all of the emails you have into your contacts. To do this click on the drop down under the Gmail logo in the top left and select contacts, from there click on the more drop down on the left hand side and import from CSV.
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Step 3: Use your Gmail email address to create a new Twitter account

This can again be completely random, there will be no need to use this account.

Step 4: Import Your Email Contacts to Twitter

When setting up your new Twitter account you will have suggestions around following certain people, once this is done you can then import your contacts. To do this, link it up with your Gmail account you have just created. This will now import all of your emails as twitter handles, giving you a full list of all the twitter handles on your email list.

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